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Possible side effect
Drug interactions
They may include an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Also the most possible side effects include:
Less serious include:
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If you take more dose you need in long period of time it can lead to such symptoms as thirst, drowsiness, dilated pupils, increased muscle movements, or severe stomach pain. If you experience one of them call your doctor immediately.
Not allowed in patients with known hypersensitivity to any component of this product.
If you experience one of them stop using Singulair and tell your doctor as soon as possible. Also consult with your doctor about any side effect that seems unusual.
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tooth pain;
You will get best result using it every day. Swallow the tablet whole with a glass of water/milk. If you are taking the chewable tablet, the tablet must be chewed before swallowed.
worsening asthma symptoms.
We provide only general information about medications which does not cover all directions, possible drug integrations, or precautions. Information at the site cannot be used for self-treatment and self-diagnosis. Any specific instructions for a particular patient should be agreed with your health care adviser or doctor in charge of the case. We disclaim reliability of this information and mistakes it could contain. We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or other indirect damage as a result of any use of the information on this site and also for consequences of self-treatment.
Note: this instruction presented here just for review. It's very necessary to consult with your doctor before using. It help you to get best results.
Missed dose
Not allowed in patients with known hypersensitivity to any component of this product.
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