The latest version of the FIFA16 football game

Obviously this Taleb appeared on the radar of some Serie A giants, they are very ambitious in the Champions League. Italian sports newspaper reported market Juventus, Roma, Napoli and Lazio are concerned about this Taleb.

So he had room for discussion on FIFA 16 Coins the price of a new contract negotiation. Suppose, say Juve do not think he is a suitable replacement Boge Ba but still spending a large amount of the transfer for him.

Football is the most attractive movement in the world, and EA FIFA series football game also becomes the focus of football fan buzz every year. Recently, the latest version of the FIFA16 football game has been released, and players value within the game has also been released one after another.

A few days ago, the company reported that the top 10’ability value players active, Messi outplayed Cristiano Ronaldo in the first place.

And today, the company has released the added 10 legendary players’ ability value in the game.Italy defender Alessandro Nesta and British players Best ranked in the first place with 90 points. Alessandro Nesta is recognized as one of defender in Cheap FIFA 15 Coins the world, although it is a defensive player, but Nesta seldom make wild the defensive fouls, Nesta is a typical representative of the mind and position defense.

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